How a Quick Deploy Solution Created More Comfortable Temporary Housing for Troops

Posted by Versare on Mar 13th 2023

When a National Guard deployment moved from weeks to months, it began eroding troop morale. Troops needed more space, privacy, and comfort than the sleep trailers originally set up at the camps – and they needed it fast.

Brian Jenkins met Versare personnel at the American Rental Association’s Trade Show in October of 2021. There, he discovered Versare EverPanel solutions.

A few weeks later, Brian was back in touch with Versare. Brian was working with Storm Services on an extended deployment for the Texas National Guard. The guard had several camp locations and needed to move from sleeping trailers typically used in emergency or short-term situations, to another solution that would give troops more comfort, space, and privacy. They needed a modular solution that they could quickly and easily assemble and move if required – and they needed quick action.


Brian and Storm Services recommended hard wall sleeping tents with Versare’s modular EverPanel walls to construct private interior rooms.

Versare worked closely with Brian and Storm Services on specifications and layouts for troop quarters within the tents. Consideration was given to the number of personnel and bunks per room, lockers for storage, electrical, and charging. Quality was also an important consideration, so Versare provided EverPanel samples and flew to meet with National Guard leadership to allow them to inspect and approve the product for installation.

When the EverPanel solution passed muster with the National Guard, Versare and Storm Services worked through a complete plan for a base camp that included 15 sleeping tents, each with 15 private EverPanel rooms with locking doors that would accommodate up to 720 personnel. The plan also included Versare’s modular flooring inside the tent for a cleaner environment. Versare personnel were on-site to work with and train Storm Services on assembly and installation.

“Versare was all in on this project – from the warehouse to the corner office,” Brian said. “One of the best things – everything was made in the U.S. and that helped us get it done in time.”

At the base camp, this new approach offered:

Privacy. Rooms constructed with EverPanel walls, locking swing doors gave troops more personal and sleeping space, and increased privacy, and reduced noise. In administrative and medical offices, Versare’s SoundSorb fabric was added to add even more sound-dampening.

Flexibility. Versare’s modular panel and flooring system was accommodating to fluctuations in troop numbers and could be moved and set up in new locations as the deployment required.

Speed. The structures were easy to install with a minimally skilled crew, and Versare met an aggressive timeline for delivery and installation.


Based on the success of the initial 15 tent base camp installation, the National Guard expanded the use of the tent and EverPanel rooms to a total of 39 sleeping tents over three sites, giving them 585 private rooms to serve 2,340 Guard members.

The solution was quick and easy to deploy, giving deserving soldiers more space than a sleeping trailer and much-needed privacy. Because Versare EverPanel products and modular flooring are manufactured in the U.S. they were delivered in weeks and not months for a quick installation. And Versare provided an on-site crew to train the installation teams, giving them the flexibility to relocate or modify the structures as needed.

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