Head Start School Uses Versare Classroom Partitions

Head Start School Uses Versare Classroom Partitions

Sep 22nd 2017

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At Versare, we’re no strangers to supplying  schools and early childhood education centers with our portable partitions and room dividers. So when Community Action of St. Paul came to us for help organizing one of their Head Start and Early Head Start centers, we jumped at the chance to help them.

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Versare's tall Room Divider 360 almost touches the ceiling to separate space while balancing acoustics.

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Because Ramsey County serves over 1400 children, prenatal through five years old, their centers need to be well equipped and properly sectioned off. For instance, the St. Paul center that Versare outfitted includes a dental office and preschool classroom that needed to be separated. The job called for a combination of brightly colored and resilient partitions that worked well for preschool classrooms and sturdy walls that provided soundproofing and privacy.

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Two years ago, Mark Sundberg, the center’s maintenance and safety supervisor, purchased three VP6s, two in blue and one in beige, to divide waiting and reception areas. This year, they returned to Versare for one of our Room Divider 360s, in Ocean acoustical fabric. The VP6 privacy screen is an affordable but tough single-panel canvas partition with bright colors and rounded plastic corner joints that make it perfectly kid-friendly. These affordable classroom partitions deliver an economical way to separate classrooms.

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Our number one seller, the Room Divider 360 creates a soundproof wall that was perfect for dividing the center’s dental office from its classroom. Both areas would normally cause quite a bit of noise, but the portable wall’s acoustic properties easily dampened it. And of course both classroom partitions offer complete portability on casters, which makes them a cinch to move and store when not in use.

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Sundberg was thrilled with the option of a tall partition because it would provide more privacy and cut down on noise transfer between sections of the room. "I love the construction of the product,” Sundberg added. “When we don't need them around, we can just wheel the partitions away." Versare's classroom partitions provide a variety of methods to create instant privacy in the school.

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