Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

Freestanding vs. Wall-Mounted StraightWall

Jan 22nd 2019

For those looking for greater length than our standard StraightWall offers, might we suggest the StraightWall® Wall-Mounted Sliding Partition? It mounts to a wall and can stretch to nearly 20’’ in diameter, as each panel uses our proprietary telescoping hinges to slide out in a straight line (regardless of length). A fixed, full-size panel on the end traps sound and create a more professional look when used as an entrance. Its extruded aluminum frame makes it strong but much lighter than its steel-framed counterparts. It’s safe, affordable and easy-to-use in a variety of venues including warehouses, classrooms, gymnasiums, libraries, labs, offices, etc.  Unlike the wall-mounted version, you can set up the StraightWall® Sliding Portable Partition (Polycarbonate Plastic Panels) wherever you want. With a variety of widths (8’6’’ to 25’) and heights (4’-7’6’’), it can adjust to spaces of all sizes. Transport locks make it easy to move from Point A to Point B – and 3" dual wheel locking casters keep put this partition in its place. Sliding telescope hinges create a smooth, straight line. It can be used indoors or out, as its translucent polycarbonate panels are lightweight, shock-resistant and cleanable. That makes this ideal for use in school settings (classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, gymnasiums) and workplaces (construction zones, labs, warehouses) that tend to get messy. If you wanted to put it together yourself, you’d have gone to IKEA. We ship all our StraightWalls fully assembled, so they report ready for duty on Day One. Interested? Call toll-free 1.888.421.4880, join a live chat, or email to get yours today.