Expand Your Office Cubicle Setup With Wall-Mount Brackets

Expand Your Office Cubicle Setup With Wall-Mount Brackets

Nov 14th 2016

Over the last several years, the square footage of space per employee has been on a long-term decline. Many businesses have adapted more modern spaces, which lead to an open office, or they find themselves in an affordable space that may not be ideal for the number of employees or the planned growth. For businesses that are seeking unique cubicle setup configurations, a cost-effective solution is a portable room divider. Versare’s Hush Panel DIY Cubicles have been successfully integrating into the business markets for several years and have even begun to see success and transcendence into markets outside of their initial scope.

cubicle wall

A wall-mounted cubicle panel.

Today, many businesses are working with a small space, and traditional partitions do not offer the ability to flush with a wall. When you’re attempting to make a unique cubicle set up or utilize your office square footage as efficiently as possible, every extra inch of space is needed. The growing trend of portable partitions has driven product enhancements to accommodate the unique installation requirements of expanded markets. One of the most noteworthy enhancements is the addition of a cubicle wall mount bracket that now enables the Hush Panel system to be flush mounted against any wall.

office cubicle mount

Mount cubicles flush against the wall quickly & easily.

Once customers choose their desired cubicle panels, posts, and optional windows, the wall-mount brackets provide additional help with saving space and stability. When businesses are ready to set-up their office partitions, Hush Panels simply slide together to create instant cubicles to increase office privacy. In addition, the wall mount can provide stability for customers looking to enhance the sturdiness of their cubicle setup. Wall-mounted partitions can be created in straight line or single panel configurations, allowing offices to fully customize their space and provide a positive work environment.

The new Hush Panel wall mount accessory bracket is a simple two-piece system that accommodates all Hush Panels options, including the additional top glass panel. The wall mount accessory bracket system is made from the same anodized extruded aluminum found in the structure of the Hush Panel. No matter what you desire from your office space, Versare's office cubicles provide a the most cost-effective office space solution for businesses.