Essential Office Basics Every Workspace Needs

Posted by Kate Murphy on Jun 11th 2024

In today’s dynamic work setting, an office workspace is more than just a place to plop your laptop. A well-equipped office is a strategic blend of comfort, technology, and aesthetics, designed to foster efficiency, focus, and well-being. Each element in your office has its purpose or role, contributing to an atmosphere that boosts performance and satisfaction.

In the new post-pandemic normal, many people are embracing flexible work schedules from home. It’s reported that 22% of the workforce will continue to work remotely by 2025. Regardless of having an in-person, remote, or hybrid role, there are office essentials and design basics that contribute to creating an effective and pleasant working setup no matter where you are.

Plan Your Space and Layout

A well-thought-out selection of office essentials is at the heart of every productive office. These range from ergonomic furniture (standing desks, adjustable office chairs, and desktop monitor arms) that supports long work hours to efficient technological tools that ensure seamless operations and communications. 

When planning the space, consider the daily tasks and interactions that will take place. An office needs a logical workflow layout, and you can break up zones or departments with room dividers or cubicle systems — privacy booths for confidential calls, collaborative meeting areas for brainstorming, and quiet zones for focused work. To further optimize workflow, ensure there's sufficient room for movement, unobstructed circulation paths, and adequate storage for both office supplies and personal items.

Balance Aesthetics with Functionality 

Functionality is essential, but don’t underestimate the power of aesthetics. A visually stimulating environment can significantly boost employee morale and satisfaction. Carefully curated artwork and photography add personality, spark creativity, and embody your company culture and brand. Select a cohesive color scheme that reflects your brand identity and a positive atmosphere.

And indoor plants are more than just decorative elements; they are vital office essentials for creating a refreshing and healthy workspace. Plants add a touch of nature and beauty to the office, improve air quality, and reduce stress, creating a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Stay “Write” On Track

No office is complete without a comprehensive set of stationery items — pens and notepads and sticky notes, oh my! Office supplies can run from the obvious items mentioned to more specialized products like graph paper and stencils. They’re primarily used where it is necessary to record data and notes, write letters, and keep records. Investing in durable stationery can make a noticeable difference in the daily workflow, reducing frustration and enhancing productivity. 

And while your Microsoft Office has a calendar to digitally keep track of upcoming meetings or Teams calls, a physical calendar or notebook planner can also help schedule, prepare, and track important deadlines and meetings.

Tune Into Office Technology and Equipment 

Going digital is necessary for modern offices. Reliable desktops or laptops are essential but avoid overbuying — tailor hardware to employees’ needs. Software follows suit — basic office programs like word processing and email usually suffice, with specialized options for specific industries.

High-quality video conferencing equipment, including cameras, microphones, and speakers, facilitate clear and effective communication with remote teams and clients, breaking down geographical barriers.

Equipment with noise-canceling and high-definition capabilities can significantly enhance the virtual meeting experience.

Printing and scanning are crucial office functions that require reliable equipment — select cost-effective printers with exceptional print quality and speed, whether it be inkjet, laser, or all-in-one models. As for scanners, they should also be fast and reliable, as well as being able to handle a variety of document sizes. And protect your communications — surge protectors safeguard equipment from power surges, while shredders ensure secure disposal of sensitive documents.

Illuminate Your Work

Good lighting, preferably natural light, enhances visibility, reduces eye strain, and boosts mood. Investing in quality artificial lighting that mimics natural light can make a significant difference in cases where natural light is limited.

Begin Optimizing for Success

This guide equips you with some core elements for a productive office environment. Remember, additional designs and office supplies may be necessary depending on your profession and space constraints. What are you waiting for? Improved day-to-day operations and work experience are at your fingertips!

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