Enhance Productivity and Comfort with Ergonomic Office Design and Furniture

Mar 22nd 2024

If you’ve been having a bit of back pain or neck aches while working lately, it’s time to assess and improve the office ergonomics. Your workspace shouldn’t wear you down. Unstable desks, uncomfortable chairs, poor lighting, and other design flaws can cause an office offense when ergonomics are not taken into thoughtful consideration.

Ergonomics is the “study aligning the needs of a job with the ability of the worker and work environment to provide the most efficient workspace possible while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury.” Or more simply, the study of people and their working conditions. Fostering a workplace of comfort through ergonomics lets your employees know you value their well-being, enhancing performance and increasing employee retention. Explore the realm of ergonomics and office furniture and discover how thoughtful office design can turn your workspace into a center for creativity and innovation.

Lift Your Well-Being — Literally — with Standing Desks

How many times throughout the day do you get up to stretch your legs or grab a glass of water? Probably not enough — Americans spend an average of 7.7 hours a day seated. Prolonged seating and sedentary behaviors like watching TV, playing video games, and using a computer are linked to negative health concerns such as increased risks of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more.

One way to break the monotony of weak and restless legs or slouching backs is with an Adjustable Electric Standing Desk. Standing desks offer a quick transition between sitting and standing at the simple push of a button. Adjustable desks help counteract those negative health issues and risks by promoting movement, blood flow, mood, and more throughout the day. So, your focus, productivity, and health rise like your desk!

Here are some quick reminders while you are sitting:

  • Your eyes should be 2-3" below the top of the monitor.
  • The monitor should be arm’s length away.
  • Keep your head, neck, and shoulders straight.
  • Keep your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Rest your wrists on the keyboard (not at an angle).
  • Your knees must be at the same level as your hips. Feet should make solid contact with the floor. 
  • Use a footrest if they do not.

Be Seated in Comfort with Office Chairs

Now that you have a desk, you need a chair to sit on! A proper office chair should be designed to offer maximum support for your spine, lumbar, and neck. Ergonomic chairs help employees maintain proper posture throughout the working day. And with adjustable features like height and armrests, individuals can personalize the chair to complement their body shape and preferences.

Through proper body alignment and reducing pressure points, ergonomic chairs can help ease the physical stress associated with prolonged sitting. Feeling comfortable while sitting for extended periods of time reduces potential distractions, which enhances focus and productivity.

Other Essential Elements of a Productive Workspace

The integration of ergonomic chairs and standing desks is just the beginning of creating a workspace that puts your employee’s wellbeing and performance front and center.

  • Lighting: Give yourself as much exposure to daylight as possible or get a desk lamp that simulates daylight to improve mood and focus. Good lighting can minimize eye strain.
  • Temperature: If you’re able to control your office thermostat, set it at a comfortable temperature, somewhere between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Noise: Consider cubicles with sound-dampening panels or noise-dampening headphones to minimize external distractions and stress.

Benefits of Ergonomic Workplaces 

Ergonomics in the office is an investment that pays off over the years with increased productivity, efficiency, happiness, and more.

  • Improved productivity: Ergonomic furniture and a well-designed workspace boosts focus and productivity by alleviating discomfort, strain, or fatigue.
  • Prevent pain or injury: With good ergonomics in place, this better prevents workers from experiencing injury to common areas like the wrist, neck, and back.
  • Saves you money: Fewer injuries in the workplace means your company can avoid preventable injury compensation costs.
  • Higher employee retention: A comfortable workplace nurtures a positive company culture, cultivating loyalty and encouraging long-term commitment from employees.
  • Positive company image: A thoughtfully designed workplace enhances a company’s image, internally and externally, highlighting a commitment to employee wellbeing.
  • Stress reduction: Proper furniture and an organized workspace minimize physical and mental strains, creating a more relaxed work atmosphere and reducing stress.

Go Ergonomic!

At work we strive to put our best foot forward, but when we’re uncomfortable or can’t focus on the task at hand, our body and our projects can unfortunately suffer. Prioritizing productivity starts with selecting the right office furniture. By carefully considering and addressing the needs and comforts of employees through ergonomic furniture, your company can create an atmosphere conducive to focused and productive work.

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