Elevate Learning Environments in Higher Education with Room Dividers and Cubicles

May 9th 2024

Colleges and universities aspire to have a diverse student body representation. This diversity presents different learning styles and individual capabilities. But Versare room dividers, cubicles, and room kits pass the focused and flexibility test! Here’s how modular space systems can be strategically employed to create a more adaptable and engaging learning environment across collegiate settings.

Designing Collaborative Classroom Spaces 

A trend in higher education is collaborative learning. We’re familiar with traditional classroom instruction — the teacher stands in front of the room and lectures or leads discussion. Collaborative learning fosters a sense of community and hones teamwork skills by encouraging students to work together, learn from each other, and tackle challenges. The approach can be implemented in various formats, from pairs and small groups for focused discussions to larger teams for brainstorming and problem-solving, while the instructor can address the class as a whole or visit and assist separate groups around the room.

A simple way to equip existing rooms for collaborative learning is to use portable room dividers, like the Room Divider 360®. It can be easily wheeled to the area when it’s needed, wherever it’s needed, and locked into place with a simple turn on the casters. When they are no longer needed, they can be wheeled away and stored in an out-of-the-way corner of the room. In addition to visual privacy, room dividers also provide acoustical properties for students in small group discussions. Room dividers can create distinct areas within a classroom to facilitate various activities — one section can be dedicated to group discussions while another can be partitioned for focused work or for assessments for those who require testing accommodations.

DivideWrite™ Portable Whiteboard Partition not only designates space, but also allows students to write on it. And the simple act of writing things down has been proven to increase memory retention and recall. This partition is perfect for displaying work, brainstorm sessions with dry-erase markers, or as dedicated learning stations.

Increasing Privacy in School Study Zones

Some floors within a college library have large, open study spaces that can accommodate many students. Students crave social interaction, but also value private, quiet spaces they can access on demand. For students needing spaces completely free of distractions, consider creating reservable, freestanding rooms for individual study. Privacy pods or study pods, like Versare’s EverPanel® Room Kit, are a haven for noise cancellation and solitude. The panels include an open channel to run cable or wiring between panel sections, perfect for laptops and other electronic devices. The kit comes in three sizes, so the media center can house a small single-user pod, as well as a larger pod for private group settings.

Privacy pods support the changing nature of the post-graduate job search by giving students a place to comfortably take their interviews around school premises. Eighty-two percent of employers use virtual interviews, according to an Indeed survey. Students can simply step into the room and be ready to go with a clean backdrop for a video call — they don’t have to trek back to their apartment just to find some peace and quiet.

Cubicles and workstation dividers, like Hush Panel™ Cubicles or Hush Screen™ Portable Partitions, can be designated for group projects and discussion. This dedicated space allows students to brainstorm, collaborate, and share ideas without disturbing others due to their acoustical properties. Larger zones can also be mapped out with sliding and portable room dividers, sectioning spaces specifically for various tasks like silent reading or book research.

Make Room for Flexible Education with Versare

By combining adaptable designs, educators can refine what focused and flexible learning environments look like and how students engage with education. For additional help managing your higher education spaces, explore the website, call 855-323-8126, or email Sales@versare.com.