VersiPanel Keeps the Peace at Edward Air Force Daycare

VersiPanel Keeps the Peace at Edward Air Force Daycare

Jan 9th 2018

Client: School Age Program at Edward Air Force Base Industry: Daycare Their problem: Needed soundproofing and screens to hide storage Our solution: Versipanel and VP6 Portable Room Divider

Children at play can make joyful sounds, but that sound can echo indoors and cause distractions like any other noise. Kristin Burks, School Age Coordinator at Edward Air Force Base, contacted Versare about a noise problem they were encountering at their nursery school and daycare. Edwards Air Force Base is in Southern California and is home to the Air Force Test Center, Air Force Test Pilot School, and NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. The school age program caters to children from first grade through 12 years old.

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Along with dampening sound, Burks wanted a room divider with the flexibility to allow teachers to move the classroom around when needed. She also wanted a portable screen that could hide toys and other items while not in use. Versare came up with a two-pronged approach: using several VersiPanels and VP6 Portable Room Dividers. offering a high level of sound dampening, and the cost-effective use of the VP6 rolling divider to hide things that were not in use.

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Our VersiPanel, available in gray, blue, and beige, is a portable wall constructed of acoustical ribbed fabric over a heavy foam core. Because the Versipanel meets the floor directly, from end to end, it keeps sound completely contained. That means Burks’ students can have fun and make noise without disturbing other classes. And the VP6, made of affordable canvas, is a budget-conscious but sturdy way to hide unsightly toys and classroom items. Versare’s solution has been a complete success and it didn’t break the bank! There is also a VersiPanel Jr. version, which is a shortened height version designed more specifically for classrooms and daycare. It is available in red, blue, and yellow.

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