Durability Demo of EverBase 4 Modular Flooring on a Soccer Field

Jun 3rd 2024

When you’re going to demonstrate a product, the goal is clear: show its functionality and value. A successful product demo is more than just going through a list of specs and features. It's about clearly proving how your product solves problems, improves certain tasks, and fits into the work of your potential customers.

So on a pleasant spring day in Blaine, Minn., Versare was at the National Sports Center (NSC) to install EverBase 4 modular flooring on recently rained-on grass. NSC has over 40 full-sized outdoor athletic fields, including artificial turf fields, on its 600-acre campus and Versare’s minimal crew laid roughly 500 tiles on one corner of the field and around the goal post — drivable solid-bottom and drainage tiles — to show to prospective customers in the areas of sports festivals, events, and more.

But what is EverBase 4? It’s a completely toolless flooring system — no moving parts, no camlocks (competitors’ tiles have six camlocks per tile!), no extra steps. Its connector system allows you align and “drop and flop” tiles simply and efficiently, one after another. It makes installation and tear down quicker and easier. One person can easily carry a single tile during installation — under 30 pounds per tile. All in all, this flooring saves you operational costs and time.

“The EverBase 4 installation process was smooth. Throwing in a crew with little turf cover experience, they were able to teach themselves how to position, lay, and connect tiles,” said Versare’s Director of Business Development Zach Hahnen. “By the time they laid their second tile, they were off to the races, quickly grabbing tiles off pallet, dropping and flopping, and repeating until the job was done.”

It may be light on weight, but EverBase 4 is heavy-duty on strength and durability. It’s manufactured using high-density polyethylene with a structural honeycomb design for greater load-bearing capacity. In fact, the solid-bottom tiles deliver 84,300 psf (pounds per square foot) of strength while the drainage tiles provide a 69,373 psf load capacity. This flooring can handle heavy equipment, staging, and trailers, as well as a dock truck and sturdy forklift, both of which drove on the translucent tiles during the three-day demo, while also protecting the surface beneath it.

Three days after installation, with “Minnesota Nice” weather hovering around the upper-60s to mid-70s, it was time to dismantle the flooring and unearth the results — there was no damage whatsoever to the soccer field. EverBase 4 drainage tile allows grass to breathe and keep growing, keeping the turf alive while being covered. Even the solid-bottom tiles didn’t affect the lush green grass, ready for an upcoming soccer tournament.

"It’s the biggest innovation in the turf protection industry in the past decade,” Hahnen said. “EverBase 4 comes out just as easy as it goes in. Starting in one corner, you pick up the first tile, throw it on the pallet, and move on to the next. By the time the first tiles come out, you can expand your range of accessible tiles, allowing your team to efficiently start to tear down all at one time.”

EverBase 4 can handle a 40-degree temperature change without buckling and is also designed to accommodate a one-degree slope on a standard FIFA football field to better adjust to the crown of the pitch for a professional soccer field. You can expect your pitch to be pristine, perfect, and protected.

From concerts to graduations, large-scale events to more intimate affairs like weddings, EverBase 4 covers your bases (or grass or stadium flooring and so on) for stable surfaces and events.