Desktop Privacy Space Provided

Desktop Privacy Space Provided

Dec 28th 2017

Desktop Work Fort Privacy Screen

The truth is some coworkers can be noisy, and that's okay! Shared work spaces can get messy from cluttered materials and belongings from those around you. Let Versare provide you with a reasonable solution. Build a fort that can help dampen sound around your workstation with our Work Fort Desktop Privacy Panels. Customize your work space with a splash of color while blocking out excess office noise in order to promote enhanced focus and productivity. Watch the video below to learn more about the material and size options that are available.

Work Fort Privacy Video

Easily attachable to the edge of your desk, our quick-attach brackets will take seconds to set up. Choose from our square, rectangle, or wave shaped panels and from there, simply slide them into place in any configuration you desire! Versare's premium construction includes a non-woven polyester core which offers greater noise reduction and is 100% recyclable and friendly to the environment.

Desktop Privacy Acoustic Panels

Choose from 20+ color options and 2 brackets options (freestanding or end brackets) for a fun and customizable way to create comfortable office privacy with our Work Fort Desktop Privacy Panels! And don't forget to check out the Work Fort Panel Links to connect individual panels together.