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cubicles castelwood

Castlewood Contractors’ office was just a big open room. They wanted to find a cubicle system to break up the room and give people more personalized space. After a search online, they found that Versare provided their best option.


cubicles castlewood

Our Hush Panel Cubicles were the perfect solution for their office space. The Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition is a tool-less and fully customizable modern office workstation solution. It provides unlimited possibilities for creating cubicles and work areas. It's also easy to install; customers just slide the posts and panels together to create any type of divided space.


cubicles castlewood

Why did they choose Versare Hush Panel cubicles over others?


The flexibility was the main thing. The cost fit our budget too,” said Quinn McDonough of Castlewood Contractors. Hush Panels are extremely adaptable and configurable. Different arrangements can be easily made. They can also be added on to and grow with your company's growth. Hush Panels also cost much less than similar cubicle systems available.


cubicles castlewood

Learn more about our Hush Panel Cubicles and purchase yours today! And make sure to check out our social media to see how more of our products are used by our customers!

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