Creating Portable Shelters and Classrooms for Flood Relief

Sep 15th 2017

In August 2016, prolonged rainfall in Louisiana resulted in catastrophic flooding that submerged thousands of houses, schools, religious institutions and businesses. At the time, it was called a "historic and unprecedented flooding event" and was declared a state of emergency. In the wake of the aftermath, Versare received an urgent call from representatives at Central Middle School, in Baton Rouge, to help relocate displaced students. The school needed to create room dividers to create 27 temporary classrooms for relocated students.

Large stadiums provide relief but little privacy for flood victims

We jumped to the challenge of designing, fabricating, delivering, and installing all 27 portable classrooms. Our team completed 73 of our most popular school room dividers, the Room Divider 360, transported, and installed them in six days. Known for their durability, arrangement flexibility, and easy mobility, we knew these dividers would be a breeze to ship, set up, and take down as the school needed.

flood partitions 

Versare's portable partitions allow quick creation of classrooms and enclosures

Now, a year later, Hurricane Harvey, has hit Houston and Irma is beating down on Florida. Based on the success of Versare partitions provide flood relief, we’re ready to assist the displaced with discounted products for building temporary shelters for additional privacy, setting up businesses in temporary facilities, establishing mobile places of worship, and providing temporary classrooms for school children. Portable partitions such as our Room Divider 360 allow quick setup and unlimited arrangement flexibility. We’ve increased our on-hand inventory and expanded our facility to be ready on short notice in helping the recovery efforts in a timely manner. We also instituted a hotline to expedite customer inquiries.

flood relief partitions