Creating Instant Acoustic Walls Quickly and Affordably

Jul 29th 2016

Versare recently completed a project where a theater was temporarily converted into six separate rooms. Each room was required to be set-up to accommodate both an audience and a public speaker, with acoustic walls separating space and controlling sound. The main issue was being able to provide a product that was portable, allowing the space to be re-converted into a theater at will, and effectively dampening the sound of the individual speakers from the other five adjacent rooms. Given that the ceiling height was 12’ high, this created a complex problem for a portable wall system, since accommodating high ceiling areas often require our semi-permanent wall-mounted partition systems. Our solution was to combine two of or products, the Room Divider 360, which is a mobile folding divider, and our ceiling-hung Sound Stone acoustic panels. This combination provided a floor-to-ceiling sound-dampening solution, while providing the flexibility of convertible space. Portable Acoustic Wall DividersThe ceiling-hung Sound Stones acoustic panels hung vertically from the ceiling and provided 4' of coverage. Hanging in this fashion allowed them to act as effective alternatives to acoustic walls when the 7'6" Room Divider 360s were placed directly underneath. This combination provided effective and affordable floor-to-ceiling sound control. Most importantly, this particular acoustic wall arrangement provided flexibility and portability not found in large, track-mounted accordion door solutions. Opening, closing, and storing the room dividers is a cinch, so converting the theater space only takes minutes. Check out our full range of acoustic panels and see how they compliment our room dividers and portable partitions.