Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

How to Create Your Best Home Office Space

Sep 12th 2019

More and more people are foregoing long commutes and noisy coworkers, for the quiet, easy and simple pleasures of working from home (WFH). It may be more uncommon than ever to work in the office these days. However, for many people to focus and increase their productivity while working from home, it’s all about the space. It’s important to create a dedicated space that will help you do your best work, and separate where you live and where you work. Whether it’s a completely separate room in your home, a desk within a larger living space, or – if all else fails – a spot on your kitchen counter all, find a dedicated space that works for you. But even with a dedicated home office space, there are many potential distractions and issue that can arise from excess noise to lack of personal boundaries. Below we’ve looked at potential WFH problems and our solution to remedy them. home office If excess noise is your biggest issue, be sure to invest in acoustical panels that can help block and reduce outside noise from your space. home office If lack of personal space is your biggest issue, divide the space easily with a portable partition, privacy screen, or Work Fort. home office If all of the above are issues, invest in acoustical walls that can provide the best of both worlds.

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