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Barricades: Event Fences and Portable Gates

Jul 12th 2013

Portable barricades and fences come in handy for a wide variety of applications, such as crowd control at indoor / outdoor events, traffic & parking lot barriers, construction fences, and much more. We offer two types of portable fences: powder-coated steel and hot-dipped galvanized. If strength is what you after, the Hot Dipped Galvanized Barricades are going to be the perfect choice for you. These are heavyweight portable fences for maximum durability and rust prevention. These would be the perfect choice for your outdoor events like concerts and construction zones. The Powder-Coated Steel Barricades are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable security gate. The powder coated barricades come in a variety of colors as well, including yellow and orange, which make them the perfect choice for traffic blockades as well. Both styles break down into two pieces, and the feet are removable, making stackable storage and quick transportation a breeze. Each barricade includes a male and female connector on each end, so linking them together is a simple. No matter what your security or blockade needs, definitely has a product to fit your needs, from locking gates and fences to portable event barriers. [caption id="attachment_422" align="aligncenter" width="300"]construction fencing Powder-Coat Steel Barricades with fabric covers[/caption]