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Sunrise Portable Barricade

starting at$79.00
Sunrise Portable Barricade
starting at$79.00
Our portable steel barricades are excellent crowd control gates for indoor or outdoor applications. Available in 6 powder coat colors, these steel barricades can cover any situation. Block off construction zones easily or control lines at events. Each fence interlocks, providing a wide variety of arrangement options. Comes with a 1-year warranty. 800-830-0210


Sunrise Portable Barricade

Our Sunrise Barricades will add visual flair while controlling crowds in any indoor / outdoor situation. Lightweight, durable, and easily portable, these unique barricades are available in 6 bright powder-coat colors. The tubular steel and welded joint construction ensures sturdiness, and a variety of removable feet options provide flexibility for use in any area. Control crowds at indoor or outdoor events easily. 

Add visual flair to outdoor lines at museums, concerts, water parks, schools, and more. The sunrise pattern offers the same crowd control benefits as standard bicycle barricades, but with an interesting aesthetic that will brighten up any space. Several units may be linked together to partition off areas or create waiting lines. The feet can be folded or removed, allowing for stackable storage.

Our portable steel barricades are 43” tall, and available in lengths of 8'. Five removable feet options are also available: flat, round, caster, tall, and wheel. Wheeled feet are commonly linked to stationary feet to create access gates within the fence setup.

The product ships knocked-down for efficient shipping and easy storage.

PB843 Round Foot ImagePB843 Round Foot
 The PB843 Barricades have the option of using a round tubular foot.   The foot is 24" wide, fabricated from 1.5" diameter steel tubing.  The bottom of the tube is sealed to prevent floor scratching.
PB843 Flat Foot ImagePB843 Flat Foot
The PB843 Barricades have the option of using a flat foot.  The foot is 24" wide, fabricated from 1.5" wide by 1/2" channel iron, 1/8" thick.
PB843 Wheel Foot ImagePB843 Wheel Foot
The PB843 Barricades have the option of using a Wheel Foot.  The foot is 24" wide, fabricated from 1.5" diameter tube steel with 2 each 3" diameter wheels.
PB843 Caster Foot ImagePB843 Caster Foot
The PB843 Barricades have the option of using a Caster Foot.  The foot has a 3" durable caster threaded into a 1.5" diameter tube.  Use this wheel to have your barricade function as a gate.


PB843 Quick Assembly Feature ImagePB843 Quick Assembly Feature
The PB843 Steel Barricade has a snap together assembly feature, for quick tool-less assembly for easy storage and reduced shipping cost.
The barricade reduces from an 8' length down to 4' with a quick snap and pull the barricade apart for easy storage.
PB843 Quick Disassambly ImagePB843 Quick Disassambly
The PB843 Portabel Steel Barricade can be quickly disassembled for ease of storage. 
PB843 Unit to Unit Connectors ImagePB843 Unit to Unit Connectors
Easy to use and strong Unit to Unit connectors allow for infinite configurations and length.
PB843 Welded Joints ImagePB843 Welded Joints
Strong welded joints on vertical 5/8" diameter bars onto 1 1/2" round bars.  Welded joints create an engineered structure providing high strength and light weight.
PB843 Solid Steel Hook ImagePB843 Solid Steel Hook
The PB843 Steel Barricade has a Solid Steel Hook, inserted through the vertical tube, then welded around the circumference of the hook.
PB843 Solid Steel (.125") loop ImagePB843 Solid Steel (.125") loop
The PB843 Steel Barricade has a Solid Steel (.125") thick loop, with a continuous weld along its length for strength.


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