Portable Security Made Easy

Portable Security

Portable Security

Enjoy easy, affordable crowd control with our selection of portable barricades, barriers, and temporary event fencing.

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  1. The Bullet Resistant Portable Shield Partition
    starting at $4,258.00
    Versare has decided to address this potential threat of gun violence and active shooters by launching a new line of products that will provide a ballistic shield integrating our innovative designs with state-of-the-art ballistic protection materials. This new line of products is designated as Versare®'s Portable Shield Partition (Patent Pending). The ARMAT ballistic material that we have integrated into our partitions have been tested and certified under the National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ0108.01 by independent Ballistic Laboratories. Our initial product is rated at the IIIA level under this standard. This designation indicates that our solution can withstand multiple impacts by .44 magnum and 9mm ammunition. Learn More
  2. Portable expanding gate
    starting at $238.00
    The Block-N-Roll is a portable expandable gate that can cover up to 22 ft. Available in several colors, this durable, mobile security fence can cover a wide variety of applications, from construction zones to warehouses. Also perfect for crowd control at events. Covered with a 1-year warranty. 800-830-0210 Learn More
  3. Portable Security Gate
    starting at $119.00
    The Protector is a portable folding security gate that's perfect for quick and easy crowd control. Redirect pedestrian traffic around potential hazards with these highly visible expanding temporary barriers, available in yellow/black, red/black, or orange/black. The Protector expands to 11' 10" and collapses into a compact 17" length for convenient storage. The Protector is 43" tall and available with or without locking wheels. Each unit is linkable, so a variety of arrangments can be created to accommodate any area, such as a concert venue, parking lot, warehouse, retail store, construction zone, aiport, and anywhere else crowd control gates might be necessary. The high-gloss powdercoat finish is durable and allows for both indoor and outdoor use. 1-Year Warranty. Learn More
  4. security gate
    starting at $299.00
    The Lock-N-Block is a wall-mounted security fence that can be quickly and easily expanded and locked. A perfect portable security fence, this steel gate is perfect for securing rooms and hallways in schools, warehouses, offices, and more. Control crowd traffic or block off construction zones in style and choose from several different color options. Includes 1-year warranty. 800-830-0210 Learn More
  5. outdoor carport shelter
    starting at $299.00
    Need a carport? Build one quick - The UnderCover is a portable shelter that will cover your car or supplies from the elements. Learn More

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Built Like No Other

Versare's portable security barricades are made to last, right in the USA, and they're a fantastic, affordable option for your business or organization. Because they’re so lightweight and easy to use, they’re great for quick deployment in emergencies. And our Protector and Block-N-Roll come in bright, visible colors for low-light conditions. They’re also available in a wide variety of lengths; our longest, the Lock-N-Block, comes in lengths of up to 36’ long.

Barricades for Retail Security

If you need to ensure security in your retail space, restaurant, or hotel, look no further than Versare’s portable barricades. The Lock-N-Block is a mighty option to keep your store secure. This wall-mounted security fence is our largest option, at 6’ tall and up to 36’ long, while remaining lightweight and highly portable. And try The Protector for blocking off spills or new construction. In three highly-visible powder coat color options, it’s sure to get noticed.

School Security on Lock

When you’re organizing a big event, indoors or outdoors, you can look to our barricades for great crowd control. Set up press pits by blocking off the stage in front of the stage for more secure concerts and rock-n-roll with our Protector . Link multiple units together to fit the right length. Or keep customers in line—literally and figuratively—at ticket booths for amusement parks and fairs with The Block-N-Roll. Whichever of our fine security products you choose, your customers’ safety is assured.

Barricades for Public Transportation

Hubs for public transportation require a great deal of organization. Unsafe areas, such as construction zones or broken escalators, need to be blocked off. Crowds need to be controlled, especially in payment lines or areas where passengers wait for subways or buses. Both The Protector and The Block-N-Roll are excellent, tough barricades for bustling areas of public transportation. You can also organize outdoor parking areas with these two portable barricades, and add more or move them as the parking spaces change.

Solid Outdoor Carports

Our UnderCover might have an unassuming name, but this outdoor carport packs a real punch when it comes to protecting vehicles and supplies from the elements. Built of solid steel, this outdoor garage is a great outdoor shelter for a variety of applications. The Undercover is also a breeze to put together! Store your cars, trucks, ATVs, tractors, and other vehicles with ease. Or use this steel carport for commercial storage of propane, lumber, shopping carts, and more.

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