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Divide office space quickly and affordably with Versare. We offer a wide range of cubicle dividers, office workstation privacy screens and portable office walls that can integrate with any environment.

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Create your own cubicle shapes with different sized panels and over 20+ fabric colors.

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We stand by our work, we offer warranties ranging up to 2 years from your delivery date.

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Our selection of office partitions can't be beat. With a variety of styles, panel materials, colors, and sizes, you won't find a better-built partition on the market.

DIY Cubicles

Create office cubicles quickly, affordably, and exactly your way! Our Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition system requires no tools for setup - simply slide the panels and posts together to separate office work station spaces. Create easy instant workstations in a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost) of other systems. Add more panels as your business grows! These office partitions dividers are perfect for creating your own cubicle layout.

Elegant Work Station Privacy

Our Work Station Screens are a perfect way to divide office space. Enclose new or existing workstation dividers by arranging these 1-, 2-, or 3-panel configurations together. Our acoustical fabric comes in a variety of colors, while attractive clear polycarbonate windows provide visibility. Separate desks affordably with these attractive office privacy screens. Easily create conference room dividers anywhere by assembling them together with ease.

Divide Office Space

Versare's famous Room Divider 360 design offers unparalleled versatility thanks to its industry leading 360º rotating hinges. This folding room divider allows you to quickly divide office or meeting room space at unbeatable prices. Check out our StraightWall for even more economical use. This sliding room divider's telescoping hinges will keep it in line all the time giving you all the walls you need.

Extra Large Room Dividers

Need to divide an area with high ceilings? Want to replace your outdated accordion doors or track-mounted partition? Our Operable Wall (Sliding) and Operable Wall (Folding) can achieve heights up to 12 feet! These extra large office dividers will provide privacy while cutting down on sound. The 2" thick panels are robust and perfect for acoustical control.

Office Acoustical Control

We offer several sound panels and acoustic baffles to help you control office noise. Dampen echoey meeting rooms, hallways, boardrooms, and workstations with our family of sound panels. A thoughtful construction comprises several layers of acoustical fabric and a honeycomb core to dampen sound considerably. Turn your building interior into a modern architectural workspace.  

Functional Office Privacy

Place our durable and stylish Hush Screen between desks or workstations to provide immediate privacy. The 2" thick acoustical panels provide sound-dampening, while a privacy window provides light. Our DivideWrites are also rolling office partitions, but with a built-in magnetic dry erase board. These portable divider panels double as perfect office partitions or whiteboards!

Acoustical Room Dividers

Our VersiFold and VersiPanel divide room space while dampening sound. The soft, thick panels use a foam core to greatly reduce sound in offices, studios, stages, and more. These elegant dividers are perfect as a backdrop for a podium or for minimizing office noise. These dividers fold easily for quick storage.

Questions? Our experts can help you find the best solution for your space.

The layout of your office has a significant impact on your company’s performance. In fact, it’s more important than you may realize. Properly implemented, a well-designed space can boost employee morale and productivity.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to achieve this is with office partitions. Flexible and easy to install, they can make your office space fluid enough to accommodate a wide variety of situations. Further, they can be a sleek and stylish way to add visual appeal to your workplace.

Benefits of Using Office Partitions

Office partitions, also known as office screens, office dividers or partitioning screens, are an inexpensive way for employees to have privacy. Compared to office walls, they are cheaper and much more flexible. Office room dividers can be moved around easily as the need arises. For example, you can increase or decrease them as departments change in size. You can also increase the height of the partition wall for more privacy, or lower it to facilitate open communication.

Office dividers are great for reducing overall noise levels in the office space. This helps reduce distractions from co-workers and improve your employees’ focus.

Finally, people love office panels because they provide valuable space for posting memos, pictures, and other important files.

Office Partition Layout Considerations

Before you begin laying out your office partition panels, consider the goal you’re trying to achieve. Do you need office partitions because your team is expanding? Or maybe you want to add more walking space to your office. Knowing your goal will help you nail down what kind of layout you should implement.

It would help to keep your company’s culture in mind when thinking about office layouts. Maybe you want to put up free standing office partitions because your employees are often distracted with noise from their co-workers. The opposite is also true; maybe you want dividers with lower walls to promote a more collaborative environment.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in your employee’s health and safety. Everyone needs to be at a comfortable distance with each other, especially with the recent health crisis. You should maximize open areas and natural light to create an incredible place for people to work in.

How to Choose the Right Office Divider System for Your Office

Picking office partitions for your space starts with deciding which system to pick. This depends on several factors.

For example, a desk partition is best for smaller offices. These dividers are installed directly on every employee’s work table, so they take up no floor space at all. Sliding room dividers (also known as floor-mounted partitions) are the most versatile dividers that can fit any layout, but they do occupy more floor area.

Don’t forget that partitions can also be visually striking. Ceiling mounted partitions have the effect of looking like floating drapes. Glass wall partitions create the impression of open spaces while still having physical boundaries between workspaces. Either system gives a sleek, modern vibe to any office space.

Not Sure Which Partition System to Choose?

Versare has the broadest range of office dividers in every style, color, and material. With fantastic acoustics, superior craftsmanship, and durable frames, our partitions are built to suit every need. Contact us today to learn more.