Introducing ShieldWrite™ , the Highly Mobile, Bullet Resistant Whiteboard.

Posted by Versare on May 25th 2023

Agile and adaptable, ShieldWrite moves quickly and easily wherever you need it to go – even in an emergency.

Announcing ShieldWrite – a highly mobile, 2-sided whiteboard that can stop bullets from semi-automatic assault-style rifles.

Functional and versatile, ShieldWrite supports the evolving needs of educators. Unlike fixed or traditional whiteboards,  ShieldWrite is lightweight and uniquely sized to maneuver easily with one hand, making it ideal for small group collaboration, hallway signage, and dynamic instruction.

ShieldWrite’s everyday utility disguises its hidden safety quality. The 6’4” tall, 26.5” wide whiteboard holds a ballistic-grade core that will withstand multiple rounds from assault rifles, enabling escape during an active shooter event.

Assault- and AR-15-style rifles are typically semi-automatic versions of weapons created for military use in deadly combat. The availability and use of these dangerous weapons and large-capacity magazines have fueled an alarming increase in high-casualty mass shootings, including those in Las Vegas, Sandy Hook Elementary, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and many more.

Designed with the FBI’s current guidance for survival – Run, Hide, Fight – ShieldWrite can be pushed or pulled to create a protective shield for escape. It can also be used to block a doorway, cover a window, or with multiple units, block a hallway or access point to allow larger groups to run to safety.

“While ShieldWrite contains ballistic material capable of stopping semi-automatic rifle rounds, you would never know it. It blends into a school, office or religious environment and delivers great functionality,” explained Jeff Eckerle, Versare president. “But in those critical seconds and minutes in an active shooter event, it becomes a highly maneuverable shield to help our children, teachers, employees, or guests in our spaces stay alive.”

ShieldWrite’s hidden core of ballistic-grade material stops assault-style rifle ammunition. Rigorously tested by NTS Technical Systems, a leader in certification under National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards – ShieldWrite withstands multiple impacts from 7.62 x 51mm lead core rifle ammunition commonly used in semi-automatic, assault-style weapons – providing one of the highest levels of protection available. In range tests by Student Resource and Police Officers in Eagan, MN, ShieldWrite even stopped three closely placed rounds of .308 ammunition fired from a sniper rifle by a professionally trained SWAT officer. Those rounds did not penetrate ShieldWrite.

Tyrone Wicks, President of the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators was one of the first safety professionals to see the finished ShieldWrite product and view videos.

“Most materials, including ballistic materials, would probably pierce at least once with that many rounds fired. And that didn’t pierce ShieldWrite – not even once,” said Tyrone after viewing  range tests. “That’s one boss piece of equipment. It took some very heavy rounds and didn’t even flinch.”

“I don’t care what you see on TV. A car door will not stop a bullet. If you turn over a picnic table, you will be shot. They won’t deflect bullets,” Tyrone continued. “Television is wonderful for fantasy, but in real life, it’s products like ShieldWrite that will stop bullets.”

While a good safety plan is essential for any office, school, campus or religious site, the time between the start of an active shooter event and when law enforcement arrives is the most critical and least manageable. Seconds and minutes matter – and ShieldWrite is designed to give students, staff, and educators a better chance for survival should the unthinkable happen.

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