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Each new year promises an opportunity for change and personal growth, but lurking within the shadows of each new year is also a reminder of the inevitable Tax Season. In the upcoming weeks, Americans everywhere will be scrambling to find help processing their returns, which is why many tax companies will begin to set up impromptu tax stations and cubicles within stores and shopping centers.

taxes-suck Make tax season easier for your clients with Versare!

Versare partitions provide security and privacy to the customers of tax service companies such as Jackson Hewett, Liberty Tax Service, and H&R Block. With the flexibility of a Versare divider as a portable tax station partition, these companies can set up temporary spaces in Wal-Marts and other shopping centers, offering clients the convenience of caring for their tax needs while running errands. We offer a variety of tax station partitions - check out some of our popular recommendations:

office cubicle divider The Hush Panel provides painless cubicle construction

Our Hush Panel System is toolless and fully-customizable, with multiple options for panel colors and sizes, and configurations ranging from straight lines to complete cubes. Simply choose the desired amounts of panels and posts, then slide them together to create your perfect portable cubicle! This product also includes 2-inch-wide sound-dampening acoustic panels, providing the privacy and silence of a professional office setting.

modern office partition wall The Hush Screen can divide space alone or in groups

The Hush Screen effortlessly glides along its aluminum casters and sits flush against any flat surface, allowing for the quick transformation of any wall into multiple cubicles. Additionally, you can combine our Hush Screen with our Hush Panel for an endless number of possible configurations.

portable tax station Create a quick enclosure with some Work Station Screens

And our Work Station Screens, standing at 70” tall and 30” wide, come in one, two, and three-panel configurations, which allow fast accommodation to a variety of spaces. These free-standing screens are flexible and durable, providing a professional yet affordable solution. Portable offices created with our versatile products provide the time-saving advantages that busy customers desire and keep costs low for service providers.

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