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Versare's DIY Cubicles to the Rescue

Aug 21st 2018

Hush Panel Cubicles provided a solution at Mayer Electric Supply!

cubicles versare Aaron Newman, Branch Manager at Mayer Electric Supply, was remodeling his Pittsburg branch office. He was going to be creating 19 individual work spaces, 10 of which would be in a more “bullpen” set up. After looking at a number of different providers, such as Screenflex, Aaron discovered Versare Portable Products.  After an initial discovery call, Aaron decided to send over his office drawings and see if Versare would be able provide a more cost effective and feasible solution compared to the alternative options he was receiving from other vendors. Versare was able to design and implement our modular Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partitions into Aaron’s office dimensions. Aaron was able to pick from 24 different fabric colors to best match his office décor. Aaron was also able to save  on his overall budget, due to the fact that he did not need to pay for an expensive and labor intensive installation. Versare’s Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition is a completely tool-less design with a post + panel slide-n-go approach.  In the end, Aaron was able to stay under budget and provide each of his employees a personal and private workspace.

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