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Versare Wants Your Feedback

Jan 7th 2019

Turns out Al Gore was on to something – the Internet is here to stay. And if you aren’t giving your customers a seamless, pain-free digital user experience, you will not be long for this business world.

That’s why we’ve updated – and will continue to update – our Versare website in 2019.

We realize you have better things to do than spend all day shopping. So we’ve tweaked the design, layout and functionality of our digital home. We’ve improved the usability of our product pages to reduce the number of clicks it takes for you, our beloved customers, to pick the size, color and material of room divider you want in your school or workplace. As your surf the new-and-improved, you will find: • A simplified checkout process • Improved search functionality to help you find exactly what you need • Reorganized tabs for improved navigation • Streamlined product pages with easier configuration Overall, these ongoing updates were designed to streamline your shopping experience and make navigating it that much easier. We hope these changes help make your shopping and purchasing experience as informed and straightforward as possible. Ultimately, however, the only opinion that truly matters is yours. So share your thoughts on what you like (and don’t!) about the changes by emailing And here’s to a great 2019!

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