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Versare Takes New Approach to School Safety

Sep 4th 2018

In a poll from May 2018, a third of public school parents who responded say they “fear for (the) physical safety” of their eldest child at school. Sadly, the proliferation of school shootings in this country has shattered our collective sense of security and left many on edge. Versare Solutions, LLC, believes defensive solutions are necessary to regain parental peace of mind and make America’s schools safe spaces once again. To address the threat of gun violence and active school shooters, we have created a new line of products that will provide a ballistic shield, integrating our innovative designs with state-of-the-art ballistic protection materials. school room divider The new patent-pending Versare Portable Shield Partition has been tested and certified to the latest ballistic standards. One of the two layers of traditional honeycomb backing is replaced with a layer of ARMAT Ballistic Material in between our acoustical fabric, creating a classroom teaching aid that is at once both functional and fearless. ARMAT has been tested and certified under the National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ0108.01 by independent Ballistic Laboratories. Our initial product is rated at the IIIA level under this standard, which means it can withstand multiple impacts by .44 Magnum and 9mm ammunition. Teachers can use the room divider as they normally would – affixing papers and art projects and creating private spaces within multi-use rooms – but do so knowing that some walls within their classroom may be able to shield their children from harm. However, kids may have a hard time learning if their classroom feels like a fort. This portable partition allows teachers and school administrators to create an environment that’s safe and secure, but subtle and still conducive to learning. school room divider Made in Minnesota and available in 24 different colors, this partition resembles portable room dividers already found in many classrooms. It can be easily stored with a collapsed width of 33” and set up to its full height of 6’8’’ and width of 19’ 9” in mere seconds, providing an instant protective shield with minimum deployment time.