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Urban loft upgrades to a StraightWall


Home Partition — Clear Polycarbonate StraightWall

If you work from home, you understand the importance of setting up the ideal work environment. Home can bring comforts that an office wouldn’t, but it can also bring with it many distractions. Versare offers a multitude of portable office partitions to create the perfect home office setup.

For example, one of our customers had just closed on the urban loft of their dreams. As an independent contractor, they loved the freedom of working at home, and their previous home had a separate office perfect for it. But the new loft had completely open floorplan with no designated area for an office. To compound the dilemma, the loft only had two large windows that were in the living room area, giving a great view of the city but making lighting a big consideration in setting up an office.

StraighWall Room Divider

Our client chose a small space in the loft, opposite the living room, that was perfect for a home office. But building a wall there would close off the area, blocking it from natural light and ruining the large, open feel of the loft. While building a clear wall would allow the flow of light, it would still make the loft feel smaller.

But with a little creative planning and design work—plus the reliable Straightwall Wall-Mounted Sliding Partition in clear polycarbonate—a little corner of our client’s loft became the perfect home office. This version of the sliding straightwall featuring a lightweight, waterproof, shock resistant and translucent polycarbonate core with a durable aluminum frame. Each Polycarbonate plastic panel features a lightweight but durable construction. Sliding telescoping hinges create a smooth, straight line.

Because of the translucence of the polycarbonate Straightwall, light could properly flow through the loft without sacrificing privacy. Our customer had now created the perfect home office, a secluded place to work that was professional enough not to feel like the working at home.