Tall Wall Telescoping Partition

Product Information

Not to be confused with silver-smiled rap legend Paul Wall, our Tall Wall Telescoping Partition is a perfect temporary wall solution for classrooms, gyms, offices, or anywhere with high ceilings.  The height is customizable up to 10'3'' high!  Since this unit is also a telescoping unit, you are able to customize your length as well, up to 15'4'' long.  Available in a variety of materials from acoustical fabric, easy-to-clean polycarbonate, and durable vinyl, we have something that will fit your needs precisely.  If you are worried about sound absorption and light, use the fabric  3/4 of the way up the wall and create a window with the clear polycarbonate with the rest of your height.  The Tall Wall collapses quickly and easily to open and close off space efficiently.

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