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Sound Panels Enhance Home Studio Recordings

Jun 27th 2017

A sound panels contest was recently held on our Instagram account  in commemoration of our hometown hero, Prince! home studio acoustic panels

To celebrate Prince Day, we held a sweepstakes to win our Sound Stones (Wall) in purple fabric. Our winner was kind enough to share images of the Sound Stones in their recording studio. These wall-hanging acoustic panels dampen room noise and eliminate echo. This makes them perfect for use in home studios, music rooms, and rehearsal spaces. home recording panelsThe premium, made-in-the-USA construction is made of environmentally-friendly materials. No toxic fiberglass foam found in subpar sound panels is in our Sound Stones (wall). Our dense acoustical material ensures effective sound-dampening and acoustical control.home studio sound panelsBuy a pack of our discounted sound panel bundles today! The purple color is sure to bring a regal feeling to any recording space or home studio. studio sound panels

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