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Sink or Swim: Aircraft Aluminum or Submarine Steel Room Dividers?

Sep 1st 2016

Versare Room DividersWhen it comes to portability, we assume you want something lightweight and strong. After all - portability should imply ease. So why is it that when it comes to portable room dividers, we're the only ones using aluminum frames? Our competition has been using heavy steel frames since the 1980s - no joke. While we respect the idea of tradition, we feel it's a little more important to improve upon the user experience, so we engineer our dividers differently. It's referred to as "aircraft aluminum" due to its popular application within the aerospace industry on planes, space shuttles, and more. Aluminum has a light weight and low density that resists corrosion through passivation. What this means is that aluminum will not rust, even if scratched. Steel, on the other hand, rusts easily, and in areas involving constant use and children, this could become a health and safety hazard. Versare Room DividerAlso known for its resilience, aluminum can carry large loads while absorbing shock or impact. Aluminum can handle a range of extreme temperatures and situations with grace, which is why it's the preferred metal for air travel. What does all this mean for you and your room divider search? We guarantee our aircraft aluminum frames are lighter and stronger than common steel room dividers in the marketplace. This ensures a much greater ease of use, both in relocating and opening / closing our portable room dividers. Cumbersome, heavy steel frames in the competition’s dividers just can’t compare. So what it boils down to is: do you want to fly high with aircraft aluminum or sink with submarine steel? sources: