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Positive Customer Feedback

Apr 18th 2018

Feeling grateful — Thank you to St. Crispin Living Community for the wonderful letter. It is always a pleasure to receive positive customer feedback.  We strive to do better each and every working day as our business continues to evolve. We are proud of our customer service's quality and dedication. Reach out to a Versare representative today with any questions or concerns:

Benedictine Health System April 13, 2018 President/CEO Versare Solutions, LLC 3236 California St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 POSITIVE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Dear Versa re: I made a recent order through Versa re Solutions for privacy panels for four nurse offices in our newly designed and built skilled nursing facility in Red Wing. Privacy panels had been included in the building design but one of a myriad of final details I had to tend to. When the panels arrived, I was immediately pleased with the quality, but dismayed for my own error, having ordered a panel slightly too large for the office openings. In short, I phoned Versa re customer service and worked with Tatiana Kabore. I found Tatiana to be very professional and courteous, exceeding what one usually expects in these situations on short-notice. Tatiana made for a simple correction when I have so many details to take care of with closing one nursing home and moving folks to the new in just 2-weeks from today. My thanks to Vesare and Tatiana for wonderful customer service! Best Regards,  
Versare Portable Products 3236 California St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418