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Step Inside The Cubicle Office Dividers Maze

Jun 9th 2016

Versare's Hush Panel system is generally used in office spaces, corporate settings, temporary tax preparation centers, sales offices, etc.  However, the simplicity of the tool-less post and panel system has found itself an interesting new market: maze creation for medical testing.When developing a maze for medical testing, the conditions must be very consistent, no variability in color, size, stability. Not to mention the environmental characteristics of material stability, no VOC’s  (volatile organic compounds), etc.  The Hush Panel Cubicle Partition System meets these requirements making it a perfect product for maze creation for medical testing.  Other important issues are product cost, availability, ease of assembly and storage, configurabiility and customization, optional colors, and dividers Cubicle Partition Maze In the maze testing environment, the Hush Panel Configurable Partitions are a perfect complement for any environment requiring quick tool less set-up and deployment. Hush Panels are available in various colors. Hush panels can be disassembled and reconfigured in minutes, ideal for SIM (simulation) training, medical diagnosis through a maze, making them highly cost-effective and a great solution for this specific market. It also meets all the important issues listed above. Versare modified the surface of the Hush Panel system to meet visual test requirements of the medical research maze. Versare was able to change the color of the frames and fabric to meet the strict guidelines the testing parameters.  The maze was produced and delivered in under 7 days.