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MP10 Packs a Big Punch for a Little Money

MP10 Canvas Partitions

The MP10 Canvas Portable Partition

Are you looking to save money on a portable partition without sacrificing quality or style? Versare’s MP10 Accordion Room Divider is a canvas version of our Room Divider 360 that proves “cheap” doesn’t have to mean “poorly made.” That’s why we prefer calling our cheap room dividers “economical.” While the MP10 won’t absorb sound like the premium Room Divider 360, it can still provide privacy, divide space, and be easily shaped into multiple configurations—like an “L” or a “C”—thanks to our patented 360° rotating hinges, which provide a full range of movement per panel. Also like its more expensive counterpart, the MP10 is available in two lengths—6’ or 10’—and heights of 4’, 6’, or 6’10”.

MP10 portable partition video 2

Constructed of 16-gauge round steel tubing connected by rounded plastic corner joints for increased safety and sturdiness, the frame is lightweight but sturdy, making the MP10 highly portable. To add to the stability, each divider features Versare’s patented full-sized end panels, which feature Velcro fasteners for easily attaching units to each other. Folding down to less than 4 square feet of floor space, this room divider is also easy to store when not in use. The MP10 is also extremely simple to build, with only a few tools required.

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While the color range is small—with a choice between beige, blue, red, and black—it’s still a great fit for multiple settings. Brighter colors will fit perfectly in settings with children, while the more muted colors are great for auditoriums, offices, and museums. Whether you need a portable nursing station, daycare wall, maze, craft fair booth, temporary cubicle, or gallery wall, the MP10 is a perfect fit. It’s sturdy enough to hang artwork, signs, jewelry, or calendars. If you’re an office manager, pastor, teacher, rabbi, librarian, or parent on a budget, you’ll find a use for this versatile budget room divider.

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The MP10 Portable Economical Canvas Partition