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School Maximizes Partition Function

Client: Kitsilano School | Industry: Education | Their problem: Need a wall art display & theatre backdrops | Our solution: The Room Divider 360

Kitsilano School recently came to Versare in need of large, affordable room dividers. They wanted high-quality partitions that would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but could serve functional needs in particular areas around the school.

Kitsilano School has traditional classroom layouts, with several activities occurring at the same time. They also have art shows and enjoy showcasing the student's work. Unfortunately, they didn't have the equipment or setup to make this a reality. Versare came up with the perfect solution.

The Room Divider 360 was the best choice because it comes in a variety of different sizes to fit accordingly to each individual school space in need of a partition. The Room Divider 360 can also be configured in different shapes, allowing maximum versatility. The black fabric option allowed the It's use in theatre performances, as well as art shows will be greatly appreciated. The tack-friendly fabric surface on the acoustical panels allows for signage, art, and note display with ease using basic pushpins.

We are happy to report the school now has five room dividers that are being used on a daily basis. The cost-efficiency and effectiveness of The Room Divider 360 helps it stand out from the rest. The versatility of the 360° hinge is unparalleled.