Hush Panels Bring New Life to Office Remodel

Customer Testimonials

YIVO Institution for Jewish Research - Hush Panel Cubicles

Debbie Calise, Office Manage at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, was in charge of the institution’s office remodel/redesign.  She came to Versare for a solution that would be able to create individual work stations in their administrative office.  After much research and many discussions, Debbie concluded that Versare was the only company that would be able to work within their existing office space and stay within their allocated budget.

Versare recommended and helped Debbie design the office layout with the Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition.  The Hush Panels allows Versare’s customers to be able to create a completely tool-less office cubicle.  It gives the customer’s the ability to add additional panels whenever the need arises.  With an infinite number of configurations, the Hush Panels offer are truly modern and modular look and design.

As YIVO continues to grow their already impressive collection of manuscripts, rare books, and other Yiddish sources, the need for additional office personnel will also increase.  With Versare’s Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition now implement within their existing office, YIVO will be able to add and change their office design as they see fit.

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