Get Your Office Ready for Spring With The New Hush Panel

Company News

Versare has just released the newest addition to the family of products.

INTRODUCING: The Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition.

The Hush Panel System is designed to allow you to configure your office areas the way you like.  The panels are available in a number of sizes and styles that allow you to create free standing work stations to give privacy, reduce noise and are visually pleasing.  Use your imagination to create the office area of your dreams, no need to create the boring cubicle look.

The panels attach to durable aluminum posts that allow you to create anything from a straight line, to cube shapes.  With or without a glass window options are also available to give employees their own office environment.

The Hush Panels are an affordable way to create your dream work environment without paying over the top construction costs and as always, Ships Free in the continental U.S.A. Starting at $149, these  will sell out fast so we recommend ordering yours today while they are still in-stock and ready to ship: Click Here.

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