Enjoy the View with Versare Outdoor Partitions

Product Information

In this contest-winning customer submission, several of our 3-Panel Outdoor Partitions are used to create a private and serene reflection area on this deck. The wicker panels, pictured in brown, are both elegant and durable enough to withstand elements. Each privacy screen folds neatly and compactly for maximum portability, allowing for impromptu arrangement changes. The steel frames are heavy enough to withstand wind but light enough to be transported (each panel also easily disconnects to provide another option for moving the unit). A perfect outdoor screen will provide privacy while enhancing the area and not obstructing the view. As you can see, Versare outdoor partitions fit the bill perfectly here!

outdoor wicker privacy screens

We carry several outdoor partitions and privacy screens that are perfect for backyards, porches, gardens, lanais, and more. With a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, there's something to suit any area. These wicker partitions also look good indoors, and are commonly used in houses, hotels, and as elegant waiting room screens.

outdoor wicker partitions

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