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Divide Library Space Easily for Community Events

Feb 3rd 2017

We know that libraries are a place to find books, movies, music, and a free internet connection, and that they’re places that require silence (cue the classic shushing librarian trope). But libraries are also often community event centers, offering activities and classes for people of all ages. Tamarack District Library in Lakeview, Mi holds some of its classes in its basement area, which is also used as a study area. The basement at Tamarack District Library is an open but small space, with dimensions that are difficult to fit. To solve this problem, the public library came to Versare seeking a room divider that was easy to open and to stow away when not in use. Tamarack also wanted the divider to be aesthetically pleasing and complement the décor that was already in the basement area. library room dividerWith the help of Versare's Design Consultants, Tamarack opted for the StraightWall Sliding Room Divider with woodgrain laminate panels. Because of the Straight Wall’s telescoping feature, the user can customize its length and cover specific lengths. The StraightWall also smoothly collapses down to one panel for simple storage. One of the five color options in the laminate material (though the StraightWall also comes in fabric and polycarbonate), Natural Cherry Woodgrain went flawlessly with the rest of the library basement’s interior. Now the library has a more versatile basement that can be used as an open space or divided, all without sacrificing aesthetics. Tamarack has been extremely satisfied with their new library divider and Versare’s customer service. "Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us to find the perfect divider to fit our needs - the Cherry Laminate was a great choice and fit our decor perfectly.”