It Feels Good To Be Loved At Versare

Customer Testimonials

Here at we build our room dividing units with safety, strength, and portability in mind.  We use an aluminum frame that is super strong and durable, but lightweight at the same time. Unlike other brands that use a heavy steel frame which makes moving their room dividers difficult and highly dangerous, Versare makes it very, very easy for all of our customers to move their partitions when necessary without requiring heavy lifting, manpower, and putting their safety at risk.  One of our customers recently put it wonderfully:

Thank you again. Also, the partitions are fantastic. I've dealt with those heavier ones before, and they seem like old relics compared to your product.” -Ryan Ryals

Heres a pic of an "old relic"....ouch!

Thank you Ryan, we put lots of sweat and tears into innovating our products and we hope to continue being the first in mind on your next partition & room divider purchase.

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