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Custom-Printed Privacy Screens Lead Customers In the Right Direction

Dec 30th 2016

This product is no longer in stock. View our custom-printed Room Divider 360.

Redwood Credit Union offers personal and business banking products to customers throughout California. This rapidly growing credit union offers a plentiful amount of ATMs spread throughout the Sacramento / San Francisco area. With the popularity of their ATMs, Redwood soon discovered a need to close off ATMs that were under service or repair, and redirect customers to up-and-running ones. The credit union did not want their ATM locations looking like a construction zone during repairs or updates. Our recommendation was a custom-printed privacy screen with branded graphics that would not only direct people to the right place, but integrate seamlessly with the Redwood Credit Union brand. [caption id="attachment_1157" align="aligncenter" width="625"]atm privacy screen “The screens were delivered on time and have been very well-received,” said a spokesman from Redwood Credit Union.[/caption] Aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient, custom privacy screens can soften the look of construction and out-of-service areas. The folding nature of our custom-printed privacy screens allows quick and easy setup in front of ATMs or other public machinery. The ability to custom print on the room divider means they can be designed to fit any business and need, from corporate logos to sports team mascots. The printed acoustical fabric offers high-quality acoustical control to dampen sound within office or work spaces. Our fabric is pushpin-accepting, thus allowing tackable notices or signs that need to be hung near the area. If you’re looking for a printed privacy screen that is easy on the wallet and pleasing to the eye, give us a call at 800-830-0210 to see what we can do for you.