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Charitable Organization's Office Divider Makes Meetings Easy

Jul 15th 2016

charity office dividerWheelchairs 4 Kids is an organization that provides wheelchairs, home / vehicle modifications, and assistive and therapeutic equipment to children with physical disabilities. They strive to provide social inclusion for those children through events, activities, and increased awareness and outreach. This charitable organization was looking for a way to section off a private meeting area within their large, open office space. They came to Versare requesting an office divider that would not only separate their large space but could also be easily collapsed and stored away when meetings were not taking place. Being a non-profit, having a cost-efficient solution was a necessity. meeting room dividerWhen clients are looking for this type of divider we always suggest our flagship product, the Room Divider 360. This versatile office divider has a fully-rotating hinge design allowing for more arrangement options than commonly-found partitions, which only allow 180º movement per panel. In addition, Room Divider 360s quickly collapse to be stored away when not in use. Transport locks at the base of the unit keep these dividers in the collapsed position when moved and stored. The acoustical fabric panels come in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend with different room styles and themes. charity office room dividerSpace division is a common application for our most popular partition, the Room Divider 360. Large spaces that are the center point for a variety of meetings and activities can quickly become crowded and noisy. Portable room dividers provide an easy solution for splitting up a room when necessary and rearranging back to open space when the division isn’t needed.