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Swap (Acoustical Panels) 'Til You Drop

Oct 16th 2018

Nearly 200 combinations of acoustical panels allow you to mix and match to suit your workspace.

Top-secret meetings. Miss Sander’s annual 4th grade spelling bee. A retirement party for your longtime sales director. Whatever your motivation to suppress sound may be, our new high-density acoustic panels can help you reel in the rowdy and keep conversations confidential. Made from 100% polyester fibers, these effective and extremely lightweight panels help dampen sound and control excess room noise. Not only that, they are fire-resistant, mold- and moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly to boot. acoustical panels Ideal for boardrooms, offices, studios, theaters, schools, and the like, these acoustical panels will stay out of your way. We offer both wall mounted and ceiling hung versions. They will be so subtle that people won't know they are there - unless you want them to. A subtle, stylish look and reducing excess room noise? What more could you ask for? With multiple colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, our acoustical panels can give your workspace a modern, attractive and completely customizable look. And like all Versare products, they are made in the USA, come with a three-year warranty and ship absolutely free.

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